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Start-Result Sheets July - December 2012


Date Day Dist Time Course Club Start Sheet Result Sheet
01-Jul-12 Sunday 100 08:00 R100/1 Welsh CA (Welsh Championship)  L C L
07-Jul-12 Saturday 25 15:00 R25/7 Cardiff 100 Miles Road Cycling Club (Non-aero) (Last rider start by 19:00)  C L L 
14-Jul-12 Saturday 10 14:00 R10/17 Ross-on-Wye & Dist CC  L  CL
15-Jul-12 Sunday 25 08:00 R25/7 Ross-on-Wye & Dist CC  L  CL
17-Jul-12 Tuesday 10 18:00 R10/22A Port Talbot Wheelers CC   C L  L
22-Jul-12 Sunday 20 10:00 RS/20 West Wales Cyclists' League (S Wales DC Championship) (South Wales SPOCO 6 of 9) (Priority to S Wales DC Clubs)  C L  L
28-Jul-12 Saturday 10 07:00 R10/11A Pembrokeshire Velo  CL  L
28-Jul-12 Saturday HC 13:00 RH/3A Pembrokeshire Velo  CL  L
29-Jul-12 Sunday 15 07:00 R15/4 Pembrokeshire Velo (South Wales SPOCO 7 of 9)  CL  L
05-Aug-12 Sunday 50 08:00 R50/1B Cardiff 100 Miles RCC  C L  
11-Aug-12 Saturday 10 14:00 R10/17 (chq to Realteam Ltd)  C L  L
12-Aug-12 Sunday 25 09:00 R25/3L (chq to Realteam Ltd) (MM 54.00 LTS) (120 riders )  C1 C2 L1 L2  L1 L2 L3
18-Aug-12 Saturday 25 15:00 R25/7 Cwmcarn Paragon RC  S1 S2 S3 S4  F1 F2 F3
19-Aug-12 Sunday 10 08:00 R10/17 Pontypool RCC (Welsh Championship)  CL  L
26-Aug-12 Sunday 50 08:00 R50/1b Welsh CA (Welsh Championship)  C L  L
02-Sep-12 Sunday 12hr 06:00 R12/95 Welsh CA (Welsh Championship) (inc. WTTA Championship)  C L  L1 L2
09-Sep-12 Sunday 25 09:00 R25/3L Port Talbot Whs CC (120 riders)  L1 L2  L1 L2
15-Sep-12 Saturday 10 15:00 R10/17 Cardiff 100 Miles RCC  S  L
16-Sep-12 Sunday 11 09:00 RS/11 Ogmore Valley Whs (SPOCO 8 of 9)  C L  L
22-Sep-12 Saturday 50 12:00 R50/3 South Wales VTTA (VTTA National Championship) (Last rider must start by 16:00)  C L  L
23-Sep-12 Sunday HC 10:00 RH/2/6/1r Cardiff Byways CC (Triple Hill Climb) (South Wales SPOCO 9 of 9)  S  S
30-Sep-12 Sunday HC 10:00 RH/14 Welsh CA (Welsh Championship)  S  
01-Jan-13 Sunday 10 14:00 R10/9 Cardiff 100 Miles RCC    
01-Jan-13 Sunday 10 14:00 R10/9 Cardiff 100 Miles RCC(Tandems)    
01-Jan-13 Sunday 10 14:00 R10/9 Cardiff 100 Miles RCC( 2 UP TTT)    

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